Bring the warmth of the sun’s rays into your AM or PM routine and give yourself a gorgeous glow that will last for up to seven days. Simple, guide colour free, swift drying: it’s a no brainer. The  hydrating Summer Meadow Tanning Balm melts into the skin with ease guaranteeing a plumper, smoother and more radiant glow with every pump.


Organic actives. Boosts cell renewal. Delivers moisture. Retains moisture. Strengthens barrier. Calms & quiets sensitive skin. Guide colour free. Paraben & Alcohol-free.

Tan Tips

*Prep skin in advance with Lusso Tan Primer.
*Pump formula directly into hands & glide onto the skin starting at the ankle & using long, sweeping upwards motions.
*Rinse hands with hot soapy water & apply to the back of the hands using a Tanning Brush.
*Allow 6-8 hours of developing time.