Intense mattifying sunscreen, light, with a BB tone, perfectly masks imperfections and redness of the skin after a dermatological procedure. BB cream quickly returns the skin to its natural tone and provides complete skin care, while creating excellent protection against environmental factors. BB cream provides rapid regeneration and restoration of the skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

– The active components of the cream have an antioxidant effect, slowing down the aging process, improve skin tone. The cream is used immediately after the procedure and as a sunscreen. It has a high degree of sun protection and is used daily to protect against harmful alpha and beta UV radiation. Leaves no white marks. Intense sunscreen balm suitable for all skin types. It has a corrective effect on age-related changes in the skin, reduces the brightness of age spots of various origins, evens out skin tone.

Apply to cleansed, dry skin before going outside during the day. After application, wait until the cream is absorbed, after which you can apply makeup