Although infrared light is invisible, the skin still feels its effects as heat.
Infrared radiation is known to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, which is why Environ formulated new RAD SHIELD Mineral Sunscreen with a specialised antioxidant called Venuceane. This scientifically advanced, heat-adaptive ingredient helps to counteract the damaging effects of infrared to keep your skin healthy-looking and beautiful.

Product Description:

RAD Sun Protection is a light but creamy in texture spf that contains but a physical and chemical sunscreen making it a broad spectrum spf. Packed with anti-oxidants and essential nutrients to keep the skin healthy. Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple and is perfect for wearing under make up.

How to Use:

Making sure to apply to the face, neck and any area exposed to the sun, this is your last step of application after your AVST Moisturisers.

Re-apply every 60-90 minutes to obtain maximum protection