Laser Hair Removal

Here at Haven, we pride ourselves on using only the best laser hair removal equipment in the industry, which is why we use the Rapido machine. Rapido Laser Hair Removal is one of the best methods of laser hair removal on the market. It works on all hair types, although a greater number of treatments are required depending on some hair colours. Treatments are done every 3 or 6-8 weeks,  depending on the colour pigment of the hair and the area being treated. Consultations are required to guide the client in the procedure involved.

Face Laser

Area Cost
Per Session
Lip €24.50
Lip & Chin €45.50
Chin €24.50
Sides Of Face €35
Full Face €56
Neck €35

Upper Body Laser

Area Cost
Per Session
Underarm €45
Forearm €35
Full Arm €45.50
Abdomen €24.50

Lower Body Laser

Area Cost
Per Session
Lower Leg €63
3/4 Leg €84
Upper Leg €77
Full Leg €98

Bikini Laser

Area Cost
Per Session
Standard Bikini – Outside Underwear Line €35
California – Extended Bikini Line €60
Brazilian – Landing Strip Left €60
Hollywood – All Removed €60

Mens Laser

Area Cost
Per Session
Underarm €38.50
Stomach €45.50
Chest €45.50
Full Back €65
Half Back €49


The laser travels through the skin to the hair follicle, attracted to the hair follicle by the pigment in the hair. This damages & weakens the hair follicle.

Our lasers use cryogen (freezing air) to cool the skin each time the laser pulses. This unique cooling allows us to use high laser energy without damaging the skin. Clients do feel a heat like sensation on the skin during the treatment.

Most areas can be treated with Laser Hair Removal in 5 to 60 minutes.

The treatment is performed by a qualified laser therapist.

We conduct a FREE consultation with every client before the treatment:
1. To assess if the laser treatment is appropriate for you.
2. To fully explain the process.
3. To identify the area to be treated & advise you how to prepare the area before treatment.
4. To perform a test patch to identify the appropriate treatment energy level for you.
5. To advise of the cost of the treatment.

This depends on the area being treated and can be influenced by sex, age and hormones. An approximate number of treatments required will be explained during your consultation. Treatments are conducted 3, 6 or 8 weeks apart.

For most clients, hair that does not grow back after several treatments, will not regrow.

You need to either shave or trim  the area you want treated 1 day before you come in, or you can trim the area on the day of the treatment. This will assist in making the treatment less painful and more effective. You must also be completely tan free for your appointment, not be sunburnt and avoid the use of sunbeds completely before or after your appointment. Attending an appointment with tan on the area or not being shaved means that appointment can not proceed.

You must avoid sun exposure for 14 days after your treatment.

Semiconductor laser hair removal is based on selective solar-thermal effect of semiconductor laser. 808 nm laser deeply penetrates to the dermis, where the laser energy is absorbed by the hair’s melanin priorly, and then make the hair shaft and follicle heated rapidly, which can destroy the hair follicle, stopping the growth of hair.

Yes, but different hairs on different parts of the body have different biological behaviors, and as such they react to laser differently. The number of treatments may vary depending on the area being treated.

Skin has many physiological functions, such as sweating, regulating body temperature, sensing, protecting body’s function, absorbing and excreting, immune function and so on. Laser hair removal will not affect the function of the skin.